The little dog that you're about to meet in the video below is Delilah. This sweet little pup has a horrible and tragic past! You see, Delilah is from a puppy mill, and for nine long years, she was locked inside a cold, metal cage.

It's hard to imagine how much horror and pain she's been through in her little life. But, it's undeniable that she's suffered tremendously. Thank goodness, Delilah was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue. 

In the clip you're about to see, she's given the opportunity to experience a soft, cozy, plush bed for the very first time in her life. And you're sure to cry tears of joy for her when you see just how happy this simple bed has made her!

The video is kind of short, but I've no doubt you'll smile as you watch her play on her new bed. And if at all possible, please consider donating to rescue organizations! Your donations could make a huge positive impact on a poor animal's life.

Take a look at this heartwarming video! And let us know what you think about Delilah's reaction to her new bed in the comments below. 

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