The video below is of an absolutely amazing 911 call! And I guarantee that as you listen, you're not going to know whether to laugh or cry. We've all heard about, or listened to a great many 911 calls on the internet, however the one that you're about to hear is a little bit different than all of the others.

In it is a five year old girl, who is just about the calmest five year old you'll ever hear. As I listened to her conversation with the 911 operator, I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

The little girl, named Savannah, calls 911 and explains that her father has had some pains in his chest and they are alone at the house, except for a small dog named Lou. As the little girl talks to the 911 operator, she's so cool-headed, even reassuring her dad that everything's gonna be okay.

However, she's really very concerned about one small matter; she happens to be wearing her jammies, and all she wants to do is change before the ambulance gets to the house! She's absolutely precious and she makes you want to grab her and hug her tight! She's such a clever little thing! 

Take a look at the video below to hear her entire conversation with the 911 operator. I promise you'll be smiling in no time!

Isn't she the sweetest and bravest little thing?! I think her Daddy was in very capable hands! And I just know that he's so very proud of his little girl! I don't think an adult could have done a better job! Even making sure to mention Lou Lou so that the responders would know that he was there too!

And I'm sure that her jammies were adorable, just like her! How do you think she handled herself?

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