It doesn't really matter whether you're rich or poor, if someone reaches out to help you, it can mean the world! This is exactly what one Hollywood celebrity discovered first hand, through personal experience. 

Richard Gere is the kind of celebrity that's going to stay in the hearts and minds of Americans for innumerable years to come. He's starred in such legendary films as Chicago and Pretty Woman and he's been able to win acclaim for basically every single role that he's ever acted in.

But he was in for a stunning revelation when he took a risk and played a homeless man in the true-to-life film Time Out Of Mind. This man, a man who's easily worth $100 million, and who once lived in a $50 million home, was literally brought to tears after realizing just how terrible some of our nation's homeless actually have it.

As Gere walked the streets of New York, "getting into character", and rummaging through a trash can, he was approached by a kindhearted woman who offered him some food. The woman had no idea that he was a legendary actor, all she saw was a homeless man in need of some help.

As the filming process wrapped up, Gere, who was now a changed man, posted his thoughts on the unforgettable experience he'd had while walking through the streets of New York as a homeless person. Here he was, a famous actor, a household name, and just because he looked like a homeless person, thousands of people failed to notice his existence. 

Take a look below to read Gere's sincerely heartfelt message, and never forget that you can always help out a fellow human being in need. Every year, more than 3.5 million people in America experience homelessness. Maybe you can find out what you can do in your own community to help out someone who just needs a little help in a dark moment of their lives! 

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Read Richard Gere's touching Facebook post below: 

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