Hope For Paws got a phone call about a homeless pit bull that was living in an abandoned yard. Some wonderful people, the Contreras family, had built her a small shelter out of cardboard and they were feeding her while they searched for someone who could help her, but now was the moment for Mandi to be led to happiness.

Rescuers came to the location to meet the kind family. They made sure that the area was secure and then asked Alma, Jose and Nallely to reassure her and keep her calm. 

Once Mandi realized that there was nowhere to run she returned to the only home that she knew, her box. Rescuers moved very slowly and managed to slip the catch pole around her neck as she was gently talked to by one of her caregivers. Once secured she was gently pet and reassured, then the Lucky Leash was fixed around her neck and Mandi was ready to embark on her journey towards better days!

Take a look at the heartwarming video below of her rescue and all of the people involved in making sure that this sweet girl has a wonderful life ahead of her!

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