Elephants truly are one of the most spectacular, and gentle giants on earth. They're also quite unique and stand out from most other animals on the planet. I mean, what other animal do you know of that has a long trunk for a nose and can shoot water out of it?

They also use their trunks as a personal shower. I'd say that's pretty impressive! 

Many people have, going on an African safari, on their bucket lists, because truthfully there isn't anything else quite like it. It might be dangerous, but it's got to be one of the most fulfilling adventures that one can have in their lifetime.

The safari- goers in the video below were treated to a delightful sight when they noticed a baby elephant doing something simply adorable. 

Take a look:

What an adorable little elephant and he's trying so hard to keep up with his family! But it looks like he's got everything under control.

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