I think it's safe to say that all of us could use a little more peace and quiet in our lives.

Nowadays, many of us work hard and spend most of our days jumping from one ongoing project to another.

We usually have to catch our downtime and relaxation whenever and wherever we can! Luckily, the plants and animals in the world can be a wonderful resource, especially when it comes to releasing some of that anxiety.

We all know that having furry or feathered friends in our lives can have a remarkably powerful emotional impact.

However, if you aren't able to have a pet, you don't have to worry.

Tons of health benefits, both mental and physical, can be gained from even simpler living things.

Take for instance the humble potted house plant- okay, so maybe it doesn't cuddle or purr, but it really can have a profoundly positive influence on your general outlook on life.

And further, in lots of cases, that positive influence becomes a part of your overall-body health.

Take a look at the benefits below to find out more about the amazing impact potted plants can have on our lives.

Benefit #1: They Create More Oxygen

Plants effectively fill the space all around them with more oxygen!

That's wonderful news for us humans because we inhale oxygen and then exhale carbon dioxide.

Lucky for us, plants inhale the carbon dioxide and exhale more oxygen, both parties involved get fresh air out of this mutually beneficial arrangement!

Benefit #2: They Help Sharpen Your Focus

If you're one of those people whose mind starts to wander about half way  through your workday, you might want to think about keeping a plant on your desk.

According to Scientific American, there is efficient evidence that by keeping a plant in your work area, your energy will be regenerated and it will also help you refocus.

The reason for this is that while you're working, the leaves and plants catch your subconscious attention once in a while, and this allows your conscious ability to concentrate on replenishing itself.

Benefit #3: They Help Ward Off Illnesses

If you feel that you're pretty much catnip for cold and flu bugs during the winter months, you may want to keep a few plants in your house.

Plants help regulate the moisture in the air by acting as all natural humidifiers.

Having them around helps to nip sore throats, stuffy noses, and those annoying coughing fits in the bud, which leaves your body less vulnerable to sickness.

Benefit #4: They Make You Happier

Humans are meant to be outside, surrounded by nature, but in today's busy modern world, we don't often have the opportunities that we once had.

Homing in on your brain's built in desire to be surrounded by greenery is a terrific way to lighten your mood, particularly in the winter, when the long, drab season can make you feel low.

There's also some evidence that shows that the very act of taking care of plants and keeping them alive provides people with a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Benefit #6: They Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you're one of the many people who suffers from high blood pressure, you may want to try supplementing a healthy diet and lots of exercise with a few potted plants for a little extra help!

Kansas State University did a study which indicated that patients recovering after a surgery had much lower blood pressure if there were flowers present in the room.

There is something about plants and fresh flowers that helps to relax the mind, and in turn this relaxes the blood vessels- aloe is a double whammy, because it can also contribute to a healthy diet.

Benefit #6: They Are Natural Humidifiers

As we stated earlier, plants are natural humidifiers which keep the air moist. 

The reason for this is because they pull in ambient water (from the air and from the water that's poured into the pot) and then expel it again in the form of tiny water droplets that permeate the air we breathe in.

For anyone dealing with a chronic cough or lung problems, this is particularly helpful. These people would experience a real relief from sharing their air with a few plants.

Benefit #7: They Help You To Sleep

To make sure that you have a good night's sleep all you have to do is put a plant by your bedside.

Every plant gives off oxygen, which is beneficial for falling into a deep, restful sleep.

You might also want to choose a plant with a scent, such as lavender or jasmine, which acts as living aromatherapy and helps lull you off to dreamland.

Benefit #8: They Aid In Healing

Most of the time the very best treatment for a cold or other mild illness, is lots of rest and relaxation.

Perhaps bringing plants into your home could be a part of that restful process: There's something about seeing plants as you lay in your sick bed that helps you refocus your mind and body on the important task of getting better.

Not only do plants lower your blood pressure, as we've already mentioned, but the also appear to help people manage pain with fewer medicines and they heal more quickly.

Benefit #9: They Clean Up The Air

When plants are going through the process of inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen, they aren't only converting the chemicals- they're helping to purify the air too.

The perfect example of this is spider plants, which are great for cleaning formaldehyde from the air. English ivy cleans up benzene.

Bad things that we really shouldn't be breathing in stay in the air all the time, but having the right plants around you will guarantee that you'll always breathe easy.

Do you have any houseplants in your home?

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