Photographer, Tammy Swarek, made up her mind that she was going to do something to help decrease the growing amount of dogs that end up in the kill shelters because no one wants to adopt them.

So she came up with a brilliant idea that's saved the lives of many animals.

How about giving them a photoshoot?

Swarek's project, which is called the Shelter Pets Project, has teamed up with the Union County Animal Protection Society in El Dorado, Arkansas. Their job is to help dogs find their forever homes.

Swarek, along with her partner Tammy Michael, dress up dogs and provide them with a doggie version of glamour shots. The photos are then posted on the shelter's website.

Most of the time the photos and costumes have something in common with either the dog's history or the dog's personality. This means that each costume and makeover is unique and different, just like the dogs they relate to.

Swarek says that the project is indeed a huge success, adding, "After our first shoot, adoptions went through the roof." Lots of the dogs were adopted on the very same day that their photograph was posted.

The overwhelming success of her project has prompted her to make a pledge to take pictures of every one of the dogs at the kill shelter which sadly, right now, is at double capacity.

In an attempt to raise funds for the shelter, which will help to increase their capacity and enable them to keep the dogs alive for longer periods of time, hopefully long enough to be adopted, the photographs taken by Swarek are being sold online.

Even though her photographs have been such an enormous success with the public, Swarek didn't have any idea that her creative idea would be such a popular and effective one.

So many dogs' lives have been saved by the project, because it's allowed dogs to find their forever families and it's helped the shelter by making more room for even more dogs.

"I'm proud of it," says Swarek. "I'm proud of the dogs and I'm proud of the shelter."

It's basically impossible to look at these adorable photographs and not want to adopt one of these sweeties.

You can find Tammy's website online, and remember that any purchases you make help to fund the dogs' shelter, and any dog you might adopt will have a forever home!

Take a look at the video below to see more of these fabulous makeovers!

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