Even though there are millions of stray dogs all over the world at any given time, when you happen to come across just one of them, and you know that they're completely helpless, defenseless, hungry and homeless, it's still enough to break your heart.

This story is an older one, but it's heartwarming and absolutely beautiful.

Going back a few years, to 2008, Christmas provided one little puppy with hope, when he had nowhere else to go... and he found refuge, a shelter from the cold, in a manger.

Residents of Criciuma, which is a town in Santa Catarin, Brazil, were stunned while visiting their local Nativity scene.

There in the manger, snuggled up tightly to the baby Jesus, was a tiny German Shepherd, sleeping very peacefully.

Look closely.

The small puppy was cuddled up close to the baby Christ figure, doing it's best to keep warm. Onlookers were amazed!

Can you imagine how many countless "Awwwww" sounds were heard as the crowd quickly gathered around the peaceful scene before them. It couldn't have been long before someone scooped up the lonely little dog.

Luckily, someone took a few pictures of this priceless moment and made sure to share them with everyone in the community.

Because the photos have been widely circulated throughout the world, chances are you may have seen them before.

The common assumption is that someone took this sweet puppy in and adopted him. But, no matter what, this miraculous event provides us with a perfect reminder that during the holidays, when the weather is cold and frigid, all of us should show compassion, warmth and love to others as often as we're able.

What an adorable little pup and so smart too! I can't think of anyplace better than this for a lonely, little doggie to go!

I'm certain that someone fell in love with him and took him home that day! What do you think about this touching story?

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