Anytime one is fortunate enough to work with wildlife there are both risks and rewards. It can be quite a difficult task to capture just the right pictures of these animals, and very tiring as well. One man could never have imagined that this would happen when he decided to lay down in the grass for a nap.

A volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa, Dolph Volker, was working with the big cat population that's being preserved there. Cheetahs can be very shy animals and they don't take very kindly to humans interrupting their day to day lives.

But, Dolph has been working for months to obtain the trust of these magnificent animals, and all of his hard work was about to pay off.

Take a look at the incredible video below:

As he's lying there in the grass, one of his best cheetah friends wanders over to him and begins licking the side of his neck. Soon, the cheetah, named Eden, settles down for a nap right next to Dolph and is soon knocked out for the rest of the day. As she sleeps, she's purring away.

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