When it comes to saving animal's lives, Hope for Paws is doing an absolutely wonderful job! They've given many stray animals hope and helped to find them homes that otherwise wouldn't have been found. So, when the call came in about a stray dog that had been living on the streets his entire life, they rushed to help him immediately!

When they first saw him, it was very obvious that the little dog was very afraid of people. He ran and hid under a car as soon as they showed up. And when they came toward him, he ran off toward a dangerously busy intersection.

Fortunately, the dog didn't run right into the traffic, instead he ran into the yard of a church and down a dead end, making it easy for them to catch the petrified dog.

In his desperation to escape from them, he put up one heck of a fight, but all they wanted to do was to give him a better life than the one he was currently living. Once they had him in their possession, the first order of business was to give him a BADLY needed bath, to rid him of those horrible fleas he was infested with.

And once clean on the outside, they began working on the inside and the emotional healing began.

Take a look at this sweet dog's rescue in the video below:

The dog was named Benji, and now that he's on the road to recovery, Hope for Paws is very optimistic about finding him a forever home of his own.

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