You're probably already aware that animals are crazy about food! Have you ever offered your dog a treat? Isn't he willing to do just about anything to get it? There are even dogs who say "mama" to get that tasty snack! 

And though we know that dogs get pretty excited over food, we're not quite as sure when it comes to fish. One diver found this out the hard way. After being lowered into the water in a shark cage, his accomplices began dumping chum into the water.

The shark went absolutely bonkers over the food surplus and broke right through the steel cage, with the man still in it! The shark thrashed about and then emerged through the top all bloody...

Unless we're talking about man-eating sharks, most times we just take it for granted that fish don't really have a whole lot going on in the old noggin. But, I'm willing to bet that they may have more going on in there than we often assume.

The video below shows that if you toss 23 buckets full of fish food into the ocean blue, fish most certainly know exactly how to respond! And the result...AMAZING!

Take a look at the viral video below and watch as the man provokes a feeding frenzy in the water, the likes of which you've never seen!

The video begins as an Asian man gives the camera two thumbs up - which is pretty much the universal signal for good luck and "this oughta be fun!" Then he reaches down and begins tossing the contents of 23 buckets full of fish food over the dock and out into the water.

And when that food hits the water, the fish in the 80-second clip compete with everything they've got to get a bite. You would think that they haven't had anything to eat in their entire lives.

Instantaneously, a huge school of fish comes up from the water and begins fighting for the food. At first glance, as you watch the blue current, you'd never imagine that so many fish are right there below the surface of the water - just waiting!

It is absolutely amazing to see how many fish there are just waiting to be fed. Perhaps it's mating season for this particular kind of fish. But I know one thing, I sure wouldn't want to fall in! LOL!

Take a look and prepare to be amazed!

WOW! Have you ever seen so many fish at once in your life? It almost looks like you could walk across them!

They are literally piled up on top of one another trying to get as much of that food as possible! I don't know what kind of food he's throwing to them from the deck, but one things for sure, I know that these fish would love to get seconds or maybe even thirds! 

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