Animals that are rescued from the wildlife trade will never understand just how close they came to having their lives cut short - but we can conclude by these recently rescued animals' pitiful huddle, they absolutely knew they were in danger.

On Wednesday, police in Brazil tried to stop a suspicious person that was seen walking by a patch of protected forest right outside the city of Macapa. However, as they got closer to the suspect, he ran, but not before dropping a large bag that he was carrying. That was when it became very clear why he had run.

Looking inside of the sack, officers found three pale-throated sloths, which are native to the Amazon.

Luckily, in spite of the rough way they were handled by the suspected poacher, the sloths were still alive. But, they were practically unrecognizable as they cringed in fear inside the cage used to transport them.

But, at the end of the day, they were right back where they belonged.

The sloths were brought to Revecom, which is a wildlife sanctuary that's managed by environmentalist Paulo Roberto Neme do Amorium.

"We received these beautiful animals, and found that they were in good health," said Amorim.

He also divulged what probably awaited them if they hadn't been rescued.

"Here we have several species of wildlife, especially orphans to be sold in the domestic and international wildlife trade. But sloths are not sold as pets. They are sold to be processed into FOODS."

Fortunately for these sloths, there were able to evade that horrible fate. Yesterday, the three sloths were released to live free on the grounds of Revecom where, they started grazing just like usual, said Amorim.

Even though these sloths' had a happy ending to their troubling ordeal, many other victims of the wildlife trade aren't so fortunate. According to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, about 38 million animals are taken from their home in the wilds of Brazil every year, and sentenced to a life of captivity, or perhaps something worse.

Take a look at the video below to see another pale-throated sloth rescue. It seems that these little guys are always getting into trouble!

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