Robert Guthrie made up his mind to do something daring. After telling his little boy that they were going to live in a gas station, the child thought he was nuts. It didn't matter though, Robert still went ahead and purchased the dilapidated gas station, which was almost 100 years old, on the outskirts of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

But what he managed to do with it is  extraordinary. Robert took the 2,000-square-foot space and transformed it into a house he could be proud of. And, he was able to do so while keeping true to the space's prior life as Sinclair Gasoline.

Every part of the house contains small touches of its past history. Everything from the toy car decorations to the toilet paper holder made from an oil can holder in the bathroom. 

Robert included a roof deck, hydraulic-lift turned staircase, jacuzzi, and a full sized modern kitchen. This is proof positive that we aren't limited to the options that are presented to us.

Sometimes a plain old house just won't do it, and it's the imaginative people like Robert who make this world just a little bit more interesting.

Take a look:

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