We’ve all watched the old Lassie episodes where a boy gets stuck in the well and Lassie comes to the rescue. But in real life, it’s humans who sometimes need to return the favor for their canine companions.

This was the case in a rural Indian town when a stray dog recently fell to the bottom of an open well. Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited was alerted to the frightened animal’s perilous situation and jumped in to help…with no time to spare.

This darling girl had first been seen by villagers helplessly swimming in the well before she had found the tiny perch that she was balancing on to keep herself from drowning.

It is so heartbreaking to imagine what would have happened to her if we hadn’t been able to rescue her. How she would have become exhausted from holding on to the rocks and would have fallen back in the water, and eventually drowned when she couldn’t hold on anymore.

To see her start to wag her tail when Animal Aid rescuer Ganpat reached the bottom was such an emotional moment. She is such a good girl and her relief after getting warmed up and being cuddled was truly one of the happiest moments for all of us, and I’m sure it will be for you too!

This puppy’s reaction to being rescued just touched our hearts so much.