Are you one of those people who can't take a hint? Most of us would like to believe that we're intelligent enough to take a hint. However, some of us really can't. Meet Gumby.

Gumby is a seven-year-old hound dog that was trying as hard as he could to give workers at the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) a hint, but they just didn't get it. Well, eventually they did!

Gumby is what's affectionately known as a Houdini dog, which means that he's escaped lots and lots of times from homes only to come right back to the shelter.

Poor Gumby has been adopted from CAS seven times. He's been picked up as a stray three times and he's been surrendered an astounding eight times!

The loving staff at the shelter continued to do their job.

Each and every single time Gumby made his way back to the shelter, they found him another home. But it seems that Gumby had something else in mind.

The first home to adopt him, was able to keep him for three days. At the second home he doubled that and spent six days.

While at his third home, Gumby kept escaping and wound up back at the shelter four times. You've gotta wonder what the heck he was thinking?

What was it about these homes? Why couldn't he just stay there and relax?

His fourth, fifth, and sixth homes all ended in pretty much the same way. Gumby would always escape and wind up right back at CAS.

That's when it dawned on the staff at CAS. They finally figured out that Gumby belonged there, with them, at CAS - he was just happier there with them. 

Gumby was finally adopted by the shelter and since then he hasn't tried to escape even once!

Gumby knew exactly what he wanted all along! Now, Gumby has an important role to play at CAS. He's there to calm all of the new arrivals.

He's got a purpose in life and a forever home to call his own! 

We're so happy for Gumby and the staff at CAS because they've got one heck of a loyal, dedicated, and devoted dog!

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