A Police Officer's duty is to serve and protect. But, often they go out of their way to answer the call of duty and help those in need. That's exactly what one officer recently did after finding a cat that had gotten itself into an unusual and dangerous predicament. 

Right after Christmas, Deputy Mike Scott of Louisiana's Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office got a call to help an animal that was in danger. Upon his arrival at the scene, Deputy Scott saw something that will surely stay with him for a very long time to come.

"Never in all my years was I prepared to encounter what I saw upon my arrival," he said in a post online. A cat had gotten itself trapped on top of a garage door, and was stuck between the door and the wall. 

Other concerned neighbors and even construction workers had already found their way to the scene and were attempting to free the distressed animal.

Fortunately, because of his extensive experience, Scott knew exactly what needed to be done to free the cat and get it down safely.

All of them working together, began removing the molding that was above the garage door and once that was out of the way, the space that was left exposed made it easier for the deputy and the neighbors to safely remove the cat.

All in all, the process of freeing the poor cat took a few hours. During that time, the homeowner arrived at her house to find lots of people working to free her pet and couldn't help exclaiming, "Oh my God, Bella!"

As it turns out, just like most of the residents in the neighborhood, this home had taken on water during the August flood. That morning the owner had gone out to buy supplies needed to make repairs.

Take a look at the video below:

Rescuers believe that poor Bella must have been sleeping on top of the open- and at the time horizontal- garage door when the owner left the house to go to the store. When the door closed as the owner left, the cat was, quite literally, in a tight spot!

After being rescued, Bella was thoroughly check for injuries. Fortunately, it appears as though Bella might have escaped her misadventure unharmed, but it still remains to be seen as to whether or not she'll ever take a nap in the garage again.

Deputy Scott, actually retired from the force in 2011, but returned to duty as a part-time deputy only two years after he retired. His commitment to helping others out- cats included- is an inspiration and it reminds us that each one of us can create a more positive and happy world, just by offering others a helping hand. 

Thinking back on Bella's mishap, Deputy Scott is just happy that he was able to help rescue the now-famous kitty cat. "After losing so much from the flood, I was happy that I could save the homeowner's cat," he says. "Thank God for miracles and good neighbors."

And no truer words have ever been spoken! So happy that Bella was rescued uninjured! What do you think about Bella's frightening adventure?

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