Adorable baby, Annabelle Lawrence, is making people all across the country smile with the unbelievable reaction that she has as she hears for the very first time.

Deaf since birth, little Annabelle was born to two hearing parents, Sarah Jo and Tyler Lawrence. Her parents, from Boise, Idaho, made the decision that they wanted to try and give their daughter the opportunity to hear.

With cameras rolling, as 3-month-old Annabelle met with her audiologist from Idaho Elks Hearing and Balance Center in Boise, the adorable baby's hearing aids were turned on for the very first time.

And Sarah Jo's voice was the first thing that baby Annabelle had ever heard. The baby's adorable reaction is captivating and you can almost see her little brain working as it tries its best to understand this brand new sensation, called sound! Her sweet little face turns from confusion, to wide-eyed wonder, and finally we see that huge grin of sheer joy!

Take a look:

Sarah Jo explained that her journey has been a highly emotional one. "Everything has been so overwhelming," she said. "To be able to tell Annabelle that I love her and know that she hears me is very emotional."

"You could see how excited she was to be able to hear," Sarah Jo added. "I can't stop talking to her. Whenever I'm doing the dishes or putting a wash on I give her a running commentary. I want her to be able to catch up on the last three months."

Annabelle's journey isn't over. It'll continue with speech therapy and cochlear implants when she reaches about 9 months old. But for right now, the baby is extremely busy just handling the exhausting job of adjusting to her noisy, new world.

"At the moment she is really tired. I think hearing for the first time means her brain is working extra hard to understand what is happening," said Sarah Jo. "She is napping much longer than she did before to recuperate. But when she's awake she is so much more excited."

We hope that this sweet, smiling baby brings you as much joy as it did us, and we wish all the luck in the world to the Lawrence family as they continue down this new and exciting road on their journey through parenthood.

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