Recently, the tiny house movement has taken the world by storm! This trend has led many people to design their own living spaces out of the most unusual, and interesting things.

Take for instance, Christopher Stoll and his girlfriend Tori, the young Texas couple who purchased a ramshackled, 1988 church bus that they found on a Craigslist ad. The sellers were asking $1,000 for it so the young couple decided to invest. They then converted it into a unique and comfortable living space.

Stoll posted pictures of their interesting project on reddit and they have captured the imagination of many people.

The couple invested $10,000 into their project and turned the old, rusty shell of a bus into something that they could proudly call home. What they did inside is actually quite impressive.

When they first purchased the bus, it was full of rust in many different places. Birds had made their nests in it and animals had unfortunately decided that it was a porta-potty. But that did not deter the couple who were definitely up to the challenge of cleaning it up and making it into their home.

Stoll drew up his own blueprint for his vision and his girlfriend started on the job of stripping down everything!

Stoll then turned his attention to the engine of the bus. He rebuilt the transmission, which just so happened to be the couples' biggest expense at $3,500.

He then cleaned and changed the filters and last but not least fixed the engine and got it running again.

Next, Stoll installed wiring in the bus for electricity and then plumbing was added also. Solar panels were installed on the top of the former church bus. 

The couple were then able to begin working on the inside of the bus, in which they included a bed frame and an area for storage.

The bus now has all the comforts of home, which include a refrigerator, cabinets and a comfy sofa to kick back on.

It took about four months for the couple to finish their project, but once they were done they moved right in and began traveling all across America. Stoll works as an artist and his girlfriend is an editor, so everything they need for work can be done digitally or from home- wherever that happens to be for the moment.

"We don't have a lot of money, and so the bus acts as our home and mobile studio," Stoll posted.

"I make a living doing concept art and illustration online, no room for professional tablets so I draw everything on my ipad and Tori does the editing!"

It doesn't matter if you're a prepper or if you're simply looking to live frugally, this is an awesome idea!

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