My, my, my...what's going on here? A bit of sibling rivalry, perhaps? Exactly- and one hilarious video to boot! 

In the video below we get to meet Mac, an adorable Corgi and his equally adorable little sister, Lacie.

According to their owners, Lacie is prone to playing just a little "dirty" once in a while and she's not afraid to be a bit pushy when it comes to proving to Mac that she's the head honcho in these parts.

And when their rivalry begins to get heated- yapping and snapping at each other's faces- Lacie brings it up a notch. She turns around until her little butt is in her brother's face... aww, I don't want to spoil the rest for you, but take my word for it, she's just too funny!

And unfortunately, it reminds me of what my own brother would to me when we were growing up. Oh my goodness! 

And the look on Mac's face after it happens...priceless! They literally had me crying tears of laughter, and so did all of my friends when I showed them the video. 

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