There's nothing more wonderful than having a very best friend, except maybe getting the chance to grow up with him or her! And while some of us may still be searching for that one true friend, the animals in the photographs below have already found each other and are quite content to be sharing their lives together.

In the following photos you'll find some of the most adorable and even some of the most unlikely of friendships, like best buds Riff the pet rat and his doggie guardian Osiris. 

If you've been contemplating getting a buddy for your own pet, hopefully this list will have you convinced that doing that could be one of the best ideas ever! And if you've got pictures of your own pets growing up with their best buddy, please go ahead and add them to the list! We'd love to see them! 

#1 From The First Day They Met Until Now, Juniper The Fox And Moose Have Been Best Friends!

#2 Bestest Friends Forever

#3 Then And Now

#4 Found In The Garden, These Two Ginger Cat Brothers Have Been Inseparable From Day 1.

#5 Growing Up With Your Beautiful Twin Is Amazing!

#6 Puppies Then And Now. Must've Forgotten To Water One!

#7 Two Darling Ducklings And Their Two Best Friends 

#8 Memories...

#9 Then And Now- Three Months Later

#10 Cats, Lili And Renley Are Inseparable And Insist On Sleeping Together Even Now That They've Outgrown Their Bed!

#11 Kasi The Cheetah And Mtani The Labrador Are Best Friends Forever!

#12 British Shorthair Sisters Before And After

#13 Oreo And His Pal Pumpkin Share A Special Bond!

#14 Best Friends Forever!

#15 Growing Up With My Best Friend

#16 Adorable Besties

#17 Osiris And His Rescued Rat Friend Riff Are Best Friends Forever!

#18 Precious Pit Bulls Growing Up Together

#19 Milo And Little Baby Stuart Then And Now

#20 Then And Now Always Inseparable

#21 Adopted Cat Brothers Outgrew The Bed, But Not The Love

#22 Always Room For A Friend

#23 Piper And Cubby, Pups From The Same Litter Friends Forever

What adorable then and now pictures! Which friends are your favorites?

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