A lot of people assume that animals don't have feelings and emotions. They just assume that care and emotions are limited to human beings only. But really, things are very different. Animals do feel emotions in the same way that we as humans do.

When Brutus the Rottweiler woke up, he found that his brother Hank had passed away during the night and gone to Heaven. Brutus doesn't want to leave Hank's side and he won't budge, laying his head on top of Hank's.

The dogs' owner says that in the two years that he's owned Brutus, he's never heard him whine or cry out in pain...but it's quite obvious by the look in Brutus' eyes that he's crying for his brother now. When Hank died, his brother's world came crashing down around him. Both Brutus and the dogs' owner are crying for their beloved Hank.

If the video below isn't proof positive that animals DO in fact have emotions and feel pain just like we do, I don't know how else people could be convinced!  

The dogs' owner admits that he wasn't strong when Hank passed and he broke down crying along with Brutus. Hank was his Therapy Service Dog and it was a very emotional experience to have to go through.

The video below was taken about 30 minutes after Brutus and his owner woke up to find Hank gone, and they were both missing him terribly.

The dogs' owner says that he doesn't normally record his real life catastrophes or share them with everyone, but in this case he decided that he needed to send a message to the world to show just how much pain Brutus was in and to let the world know that animals do feel love and pain just like humans do. 

Watch the heartbreaking video below:

The genuine emotion of this dog for his brother can't be denied! And even though the video is enough to break anyone's heart, it's still an important reminder that animals actually do feel pain and emotions just like people do!

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