Babies and puppies have so much in common. They both need lots of love and attention, and if they happen to be in a bad mood, they're quite prone to throwing tantrums as well. But, it's a lot harder to communicate with an angry puppy than with an angry baby.

The owner of the adorable puppy in the video below is finding herself in a similar situation.

In the video, we meet a little bulldog pup by the name of Bentley. And he's quite upset with his owner for not allowing him up on the couch. So, he does what any baby would do! He pitches a fit to show her just how frustrated he really is.

He's gonna have you cracking up when you see him throw his adorable temper tantrum! Even though he's trying his best to be scary and ferocious, he's just too adorable to take seriously!

He's trying to let his owner know that he wants up on that couch by all means! And she's just not understanding his demands AT ALL! But, he's very smart and he knows just when to turn on the whimpering and look at her with those cute puppy dog eyes! My heart melted! I'd give in and give him whatever he wanted if he looked at me like that!

Take a look at adorable Bentley in the video below and let us know what you think about this sweet baby in the comments section!

So, what about it? Are you like me? Wouldn't you just give him anything he asked for if he whined at you like that?!

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