While we've been able to provide our beloved pets with a forever home to call their own, sadly there are still many animals out there that don't have a home to call their own. There are countless stories that we see everyday about their sad plight. 

Although the backstory of the mama dog in the video below isn't known, we do know that this clever girl has found that one way to ensure her survival is to beg people around Bangkok, Thailand's market district for handouts of food. 

According to the man who took this video, she's done this time and time again. She continually comes back to the market for more food, only, she would never eat the meat that was given to her. Instead, she'd always run away with it.

If she was hungry enough to beg for the food, why wasn't she eating the chicken when it was handed to her?

The man couldn't contain his curiosity and decided to investigate. When the dog looks up at him with those adorable pleading eyes, he hands her a chicken drumstick on a skewer. Once she's got the chicken in her mouth, she immediately runs off. 

This time, he's ready and he follows her to where she's going.

She does turn around and see him following, but it's not enough to stop her from her mission and she decides to continue on.

Eventually, they both come to an abandoned backyard, and after glancing one more time in the man's direction, the dog walks over to a corner of the yard. 

That's when her four puppies come rushing out from under the house to eat the chicken that she's brought them!

Then the man finally realizes that this little beggar is actually a loving mom, who's simply doing her best to provide her babies with something to fill their little tummies with.

Hopefully, after discovering her secret, he found someone else who could help her better or at least continues sharing food with her and those adorable puppies.


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