There's not much we wouldn't do to help protect a bald eagle. They're the symbol of our country, and we've got to do everything in our power to ensure that these majestic birds of prey continue thriving, because they've already faced the possibility of extinction in the past.

So, it's no wonder that the situation was intense when a bald eagle was struck by a car in Clearwater, Florida.

Helpful motorists stood guard over the injured eagle and protected her until help arrived

Authorities believe that the bird was probably feeding on some roadkill in the middle of the highway when it was hit. The powerful bird found itself stranded when it was unable to fly away.

So, police officers surrounded the injured eagle and did everything that they possibly could to make sure that the bird would one day be back in the sky, where it belongs.

Back in the 1950's bald eagles faced extinction because of the negligent use of pesticides. It was feared that the very symbol of America would be exterminated.

However, thanks to the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940, these gorgeous birds of prey have made a significant recovery and were taken off of the endangered species list. In 2005, bald eagles were officially taken off off of "threatened" status.

Take a look at the rescue video below:

It goes without saying, these birds need all the protection they can get! To prevent the eagle from being injured further, officers blocked off two lanes of traffic and waited for help to arrive.

With help from rescuers, the eagle was safely captured and then taken to a veterinarian for treatment for its injuries.

Once the eagle had been examined at the animal hospital, doctors found that it had a chipped wing bone and was badly bruised, which caused the bird to be in terrible pain and prevented it from flying.

They decided that surgery would be necessary, the sooner the better.

Surgeons at Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife operated on the bald eagle and provided her with the treatment that she needed to heal.

Now, the bird will stay at the sanctuary so that doctors can care for her until she's healthy and able to fly again.

Rescuers say that the eagle is very lucky to have survived her ordeal.

Thank goodness there was someone who was willing to stop and make sure that the bird didn't stay there on that busy highway in Florida.

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