An anti-poaching ranger's job goes above and beyond the difficult task of guarding the animals from bad people who try to profit from their horns and tusks.

When a very little elephant meandered away from his mom and his elephant herd at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya, the rangers rushed to his aid. If the baby wasn't reunited with his family, he could possibly die- especially with the pride of over ten lions that had been following him close by.

By the time the rangers came across the baby, his herd was already over a mile away.

To get the baby back together with his family, the rangers walked with him toward the herd.

Once they had gotten him close enough, the baby's mother walked right over to him and steered her little one back toward the group where he belonged.

These incredible rangers are responsible for the lives of close to 6,500 precious animals and they do their very best to look after the huge population. It's so wonderful to know that this baby elephant is back together with his mom and their herd.

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