A baby elephant shared an extraordinary moment with a woman that'll take you by surprise. It's hard to believe, but completely wonderful!

In the YouTube clip, a little elephant at the Chai Lai Orchid elephant camp in Thailand walks right up to her caregiver, named Allie, and starts snuggling up to her. Yep, that's right! She just plops right down on her lap and starts rolling around.

While this kind of behavior isn't unusual for a pet pooch, or a friendly feline, it's not every day that we can see an elephant acting in such a lovable way.

This was the first time that the little, baby elephant had plopped down on Allie's lap! The baby was about 2 weeks old at the time this video was taken and Allie has lived with the little elephant since the day she was born almost a month ago.

In a previous encounter, video was taken of the same elephant falling asleep on Allie's lap, proving what is already quite obvious, that the two share an incredible bond.

From the expression on Allie's face in this video, it's very clear that she's enjoying every second with this special little elephant. Who could blame her? Not me! What about you?

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