Every single cat owner out there believes that their feline friend is the absolute prettiest kitty that's ever lived. I, for one, have seen enough cats and pictures of cats to fill an entire library! But, even I must admit that this fellow truly stands out in a crowd!

When you first see Coby, it might not be immediately obvious why he's become such a huge sensation, but then when you get a closer look, it suddenly hits you!

Coby is fast becoming the Internet's best loved cat, and it isn't just because he's the embodiment of style.

Take a look at those phenomenal blue eyes. It's those incredible eyes that has his 340,000 Instagram followers tuning in to see him everyday. 

They're nothing short of MAGIC!

Still, he's just like any other cat. He gets up to all the usual antics and loves spending his leisurely time in the sink. 

He also loves playing 'dress up.'

Can we just stay in here together forever, alright?

Coby wants to turn those frowns upside down!

And he's a true romantic, too.

He isn't afraid to let his hair down and get a little wild!

He adores cuddling up in his favorite sweater.

And his eyes get that EXTRA sparkle in them when he spots a treat!

And like all cats, he has a mischievous side too.

Shiver Me Timbers! It's the pirate's life for Coby!

Coby's Instagram opens with: "I love tuna, stealing covers & playing with my ducky in the tub."

His favorite shirt really brings out the color in his eyes.

...not that any help is really necessary in THAT department!

We hate to see Coby leave, but we love to watch him go.

Isn't Coby absolutely adorable. Maybe now you'll want to start up that Instagram account you've been putting off, just so you can keep up with his latest larks!

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