Usually when you think of a mastiff, agility, flexibility and poise aren't words that typically come to mind. The weight of an average male mastiff is between 160 - 230 pounds and females average about 120 - 170 pounds.

According to, mastiffs are the biggest and heaviest breed of dog, and they have the largest litters, typically 12 - 14 puppies!

They're intimidating in appearance but it's well known that these dogs are loving and quite good-natured. There are precisely 14 different breeds of mastiff, and each one has been bred for a particular purpose.

Mastiffs have starred in lots of movie rolls too; "Turner and Hooch", "Harry Potter", and (of course) "Marmaduke".

In the video below an English Mastiff named Zeus is competing on the agility course at Colorado's Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show.

Zeus may not have completed the course in record breaking time - but he was certainly a fan favorite and he managed to tackle each one of the obstacles before him with style and grace! Good job Zeus!

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