We've all heard the countless horror stories about backyard breeding. Problems range from horrific and unsanitary conditions, to over breeding and even worse.

There are backyard breeders who, out of sheer ignorance or apathy, will mate family members with each other.

That's exactly what happened in the case of sweet Miss Flans, who was born a product of incest between her parents, who were actually siblings.

The cruel breeder mated the brother and sister with each other quite a few times. Every one of the litters displayed genetic abnormalities, resulting in stillbirths. Miss Flans was the only pup from her litter to survive, but sadly, she too had genetic abnormalities.

She has albinism, blindness in one of her eyes, can't hear, and has White Dog Shaker Syndrome, which causes her to have seizures.

Her former owners would laugh at her when she had her convulsions. They though that her seizures were hilarious, but after a little while they got tired of all of her medical conditions and began thinking about dumping her out on the streets to find another home on her own.

Thankfully, a private rescuer in Los Angeles, Linda Alvarez, found out about Miss Flans and her distressing situation. When she heard about the plans that the family had to dump Flans out on the street to take care of herself, she rushed right over to their house to pick the little dog up.

Little did she realize, that the flaws and birth defects that one family saw as a nuisance would actually turn out to be the unique quirks that made this little dog shine.

About three years ago, Linda got an unsettling call late one evening from San Bernardino.

She was informed that a one-year-old Chiweenie (Chihuahua & Dachshund mix), who was blind, deaf and also albino was going to be dumped out on the street if she wasn't picked up right away. The family that owned Flans just didn't want her anymore.

Her owner's had decided to just open the front door of their house and let her loose in the front yard and just, "see what happens."

Because she was partially blind and completely deaf, she could easily have wandered into oncoming traffic, been attacked by other dogs, or something even worse.

Linda pleaded with them to hold onto her for just a bit and she raced over to San Bernardino, in the middle of the night. When she arrived at the house she was still in her pajamas.

She scooped up the little dog, whose name was Mimi at the time, and took her home. But, rather than finding a timid, trembling and frightened dog, Miss Flans was quite the opposite: a loving, funny, quirky little love bug that Linda considers to be a "party pumper." Linda decided to change Mimi's name to Miss Flans.

Miss Flans was named after a much loved family friend who had crystal blue eyes, and the little dog fit right in with Linda and her parents. Linda, an animal rescuer at heart, did everything possible to find Miss Flans a forever home.

She dressed Flans up in adorable costumes and took glamour photos and videos of the little dog.

Linda even began blogging. Her blog was called 'Closet Critters,' and it featured The Flans and all the other animals that she had rescued that were also in need of a home.

After lots and lots of adorable photos and videos, there were still no takers. It seemed as though no one wanted poor Miss Flans.

Then, as the months dragged on into years, Miss Flan's personality bloomed and soon Linda began affectionately calling her "The Flans". But, the Flans wasn't looking for a home any longer, she was home.

Keeping in mind that The Flans is almost completely devoid of two major senses, she walks and talks with utter confidence. Because she was born deaf, Flans didn't know what a dog's bark sounded like.

So, she makes her own unique sounds. Her peculiar muted squeaks and squeals would put a halt to any conversation or curious dog. Because dogs don't understand these kinds of conditions, Miss Flans doesn't have any idea that she sounds funny. As far as she knows, she's barking just like everyone else.

Her incredibly long tongue is the outcome of mixing a Dachshund's long tongue with the short snout of a Chihuahua, which means that it hangs out of her mouth all the time.

Then one day Linda realized the truth about Miss Flans. The things that made her wonderfully unique, were, in fact, her genetic "defects."

Linda, along with anybody else who's ever met The Flans, believes this with all their hearts. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and as far as Linda was concerned The Flans was nothing but beauty.

Some people might disagree, even consider her ugly, while others might think she's adorable, but for Linda, she's just The Flans, "the best albino Chiweenie in the whole world."

Take a look at the video below to hear more about Miss Flans from Linda herself!

If you'd still like to see more of Miss Flans, visit her on Closet Critters and take a look at all of her videos on YouTube.

Currently, Linda is working on a new project she calls Safe Spot, because, as she says, every animal should have a safe spot to live! Please support her efforts!

Thank you Linda Alvarez for rescuing this sweet little dog!

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