All dogs deserve to have a loving and happy home. 

Sadly, for each and every dog out there that's safe and warm and cozy in their forever home there are so many others out there still looking for a place that they can call their own.

This is particularly true in some corners of the world where there are just too many dogs, or where dogs aren't even seen as pets, but as food.

Farms, where dogs are raised to be slaughtered for their meat, have repulsed people worldwide and animal-rights groups are doing everything in their power to save as many of them as possible. 

Unfortunately for some dogs, by the time help comes they aren't in very good condition. 

This is exactly the case in Chi Chi's story. This sweet, loving Golden-Retriever mix was a survivor, after spending time on a dog-meat farm, but while she waited for help to come and bring her somewhere safe, she lost all four legs. 

Take a look at the incredible story of Chi Chi as she overcomes her heartbreaking beginning in life.

It's impossible to know exactly what Chi Chi's early life was like.

However, we do know this much, either she was bred into the farm or she was brought to it from somewhere else, but either way, Chi Chi found herself a victim of a dog-meat farm.

While she was there, she suffered unimaginable torture.

Her abusers thought that to make her meat more flavorful, she'd have to be tortured, so they hung her upside down by her poor paws.

The binding cut off the circulation to her paws and began to cause her legs and paws horrific damage.

After being hung like that for so long, her paws began to rot away, and the farmers just threw Chi Chi into a garbage bag and put her out with the trash after deciding that she wasn't suitable to eat.

Fortunately, this is where Chi Chi's story took a miraculous turn for the better.

Dogs in the Dark, a dog-rescue organization, found the dying dog in the nick of time and took her to a sanctuary.

Once she was at the sanctuary, her caregivers realized that to save her life, they must amputate all four of her mangled paws to prevent the infection from spreading to her entire body.

Thankfully, Chi Chi's surgery was a complete success, and she regained her health quickly. Her sweet charm and loving personality shined through even with everything that she'd been put through.

As soon as she was able, Chi Chi was put onto a flight to California via ARME (Animal Rescue, Media, and Education).

It was while she was there that she met the volunteers that introduced her to grass for the very first time in her little life.

Not surprisingly, Chi Chi's sad story touched the hearts of thousands of people, and she found herself quickly scooped up into the loving arms of her new family, in her happy forever home in Arizona.

The Howells, her forever family, had already rescued three other dogs and they really weren't planning to rescue a fourth, but the first time they laid eyes on that adorable face, they simply couldn't resist.

They immediately began raising funds for a Chi Chi wish list of the things that would make their lives more accessible for their new pup and her unique abilities.

And the most wonderful thing of all is that the Howells made the decision to, if possible, give Chi Chi back something that she'd been robbed of so long ago: her legs!

She'd never have the perfect abilities that a dog with four functional legs has, but with special prosthetics, the Howells knew that Chi Chi would be capable of running and playing for what might be the very first time in her life.

They consulted with a prosthesis specialist and raised the $3,000 it would take to give Chi Chi the life that she so richly deserves.

The Howells have explained that she's still getting used to her new prosthetics, however she's already got more mobility than she's ever had before.

They say, "Chi Chi is very playful. She is always getting the toys out and loves to be out and about, so they have given her so much more freedom."

And what about Chi Chi's future?

"Our next step with Chi Chi is to get her certified to be a therapy dog," said the Howells. "She is great with people and has a really positive impact on everyone she meets."

Take a look at the video below to see 'Chi Chi's Journey to Love' and make sure you have some tissues handy.

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