A lot of times nothing stands between a stranger and his new best friend except for the lack of a proper introduction. In this instance, it just so happens that a dog named Gorgi is the pooch that arranged the meeting that changed his life and the lives of everyone who knows him.

It all started one afternoon last year, when a stray dog named Gorgi just showed up at a Puerto Rico Police command center in the city of Bayamon. The officers who were working there were amazed by how affectionate the stray dog was, in spite of hints that he didn't have an easy past.

"He was in poor condition, malnourished and with apparent signs of abuse," said Sgt. Tony Montesinos. "He approached frightened and was looking for affection and protection. We gave him food and water that evening and after eating he stayed with us awhile and left."

However, this soon proved to be something more than just a chance encounter.

The following day, Montesinos says, that Gorgi came back.

Considering how determined the dog was to be with them, and the fact that they enjoyed every second of his loving company too, the officers chose to keep Gorgi and take him off the streets.

They even put all of their money together so that he could be taken to a vet.

Thereafter, the once stray dog was unloved no longer.

Because of the fact that Gorgi had begun to think of the place as his home, and the cops his friends, the next logical step was that the dog get a job on the force - working as the surveillance dog for the station.

Take a look at Officer Gorgi as he strikes a serious pose, complete with his badge and a little vest.

Often times, however, the dog's position seems to be an honorary one.

Above all else, perhaps, Gorgi's true role is to be a trusted companion and comforting friend to the officers whose days are spent in the line of duty.

"He reduces tensions," says Montesinos.

As a matter of fact, recently a study was conducted that Gorgi was included in, which examined whether or not having a dog at the office helped to reduce stress at work. And of course, all of Gorgi's colleagues, affirmed that it did.

It is quite obvious that Gorgi truly enjoys his new job - but perhaps most of all, mainly taking into account his lonely past, what he really likes is to finally be a part of a family who is there for him no matter what.

"Everyone loves him," Montesinos says. "He will have everything he needs for as long as he lives."

I'm so glad that Gorgi found his happily ever after with these wonderful officers and that he'll never have to be lonely, scared, or hungry ever again!

Thank you officers, you're genuine heroes in my opinion!