Chris Williams, a police officer in Camdenton, Missouri, was working late near a local high school when he noticed a family of raccoons.

So, quite unexpectedly, the officer was treated to an unbelievably sweet scene. The raccoon family was on their way to somewhere, but there was an obstacle in their way- a wall. They proceeded to climb the wall, but realized that it was just too high for the tiny baby that was with them. Rather than leave the little one behind, the family formed a chain and pulled the baby up.

Mr. Williams wrote on YouTube:

"The mother raccoon leaned over the wall as the baby held onto her legs so she could reach out and grab the other baby and pull him up."

Take a look at the video below to see this great example of teamwork and a mother's love for her baby! 

Well, it doesn't get more adorable than that, does it?! What a wonderful mama! What do you think about this sweet little family?

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