Hidden cameras are fantastic for catching those incredibly unbelievable things! The camera in this video wasn't hidden - but it sure did capture some pretty remarkable footage of a black bear!

Very common in North America, black bears live in forests, mountains and even swamps. They eat lots of different kinds of foods, such as berries, roots, fish, mammals, human food and trash and even grass. 

Takoda is a black bear that was orphaned in Montana when he was just a baby. He had experienced way too much interaction with humans to ever be released into the wild. It wouldn't have been safe for him to be released.

A few years ago, Takoda was moved to the Oregon Zoo in Portland. The video below is of Takoda as he rolls, and splashes in his huge wooden tub! He's having a ball!

Take a look:

He's thoroughly enjoying his fun afternoon dip in the pool! And he's obviously very fond of his red ball! What a content bear Takoda is now!

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