In September of 2009, Syd of Georgie was on a safari in Tanzania, Africa. While he focused his camera on a herd of contented elephants grazing in the sun, Syd panned his camera over and spotted a young elephant racing toward them.

In reality, however, the little elephant wasn't running towards the group of humans, but to his family who were eagerly waiting for him to arrive.

Syd realized that the young elephant had somehow found himself separated from his family. And when the baby spotted his herd, he came bounding their way at such a tremendous speed, the clumsy baby actually fell on the ground.

He's so excited to finally see his family! And it's such a joyful reunion - absolutely adorable! From the bellowing sound of their trumpeting to the amusing spectacle of the baby falling face-first in his frantic dash to reunite with his herd.

You can actually feel his excitement through the screen! Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love elephants any more, this video comes along and swells my heart even further!

It's obvious by this baby's size that he's nowhere near ready to survive on his own. I imagine that's why he's falling all over himself with joy as he finally rejoins his mom, aunts, and other siblings again. He won't be leaving his family until he's at least as big as his mother. 

This has got to be one of the most endearing elephant videos I've ever seen! And you're going to love seeing the moment that the little guy finally reaches his dear friends and family. It's absolutely heartwarming!

Take a look at the touching reunion in the video below:

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