Many kids today would pitch a fit at the very idea of having to give up a favorite toy, but this 9-year-old boy from Argentina didn't think twice about giving up his skateboard if it meant that he could help an injured animal by doing it.

Mauco Abeiro was playing with his younger brother outside when he saw a stray dog out in the street near his home. As he got nearer to the dog, he realized that the poor animal was suffering with a broken leg and it couldn't walk at all.

Instead of just leaving the dog to whatever fate awaited it, Mauco picked it up, very tenderly, and carried it with him back home.

Unfortunately, however, when his mom Laura saw the stray that he'd brought home, she had to explain to him that they simply couldn't afford to take care of the dog.

"I had told them that we could not have pets, since we are in a very bad economic situation," said Laura. "We could not afford treatment for the dog."

But Mauco wouldn't take no for an answer and within a few days, he had found a solution to the problem. "Mauco arrived one day from school and said very firmly, 'Mom, I'm going to sell my skateboard to take him to the vet."

"Hi, I'm Mauco, Laura's son. She lent me her Facebook because I don't have one," he wrote, and he began advertising his skateboard. "Look at this puppy. I found him in the street. He is sick and has a broken leg.

I fed him and gave him a bath, but he needs treatment. I'm selling my skateboard to take him to the vet.

If anyone is interested in the skateboard, leave your number here so my mom can call you. Thank you, Mauco."

Understandably, Mauco's post soon went viral and since it was posted it's been liked almost eight thousand times.

And rather than buy his favorite toy, strangers from all over the world began sending him donations so that they could provide the dog with the treatment that it needed so badly.

The dog, who Mauco decided to call Rocco, is still in the process of healing, but he now has a new home and family to take care of him. "Rocco runs slowly, but at least he is already running," said Laura.

"And Mauco is very happy. Things have not been easy for our family lately, but he never lost his love or animals."

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