Unless you're insanely curious, there are quite a few features on items that you use each and every day that you've probably never even made note of. They're things that actually serve a purpose, but most of us just pass 'em off, things such as:

* Small Holes

* Indentations

* Bumps

But the thing is, these insignificant features have been subtly handing us life hacks, almost as if on a silver platter this whole time, but no one ever seems to notice them. Well, it's time to begin using these things the way they were supposed to be used!

Below are the 16 Different Features On Everyday Items And Their True Purpose!

1. Except in the cases of those few people out there that insist on mutilating the tops of ink pens with their teeth, you may have never even noticed that there's a hole at the end of the cap. Well, regardless of what most people believe, it isn't really there to keep the pen from drying out.

The hole is actually there so that if a child or (anxious adult) ends up choking on the cap, there's less of a chance of them suffocating.

2. Has it ever occurred to you that all of your pots have holes at the end of the handles? Ever wonder why that is? Well, it's not just for hanging them, but for holding that messy spoon as you're cooking away in the kitchen.

3. Those tiny discs that are underneath the lids of plastic bottles are really there to keep everything inside the bottle.The disc helps maintain the liquid and carbonation. If it weren't there, soda would go flat very quickly.

4. Have you ever noticed that some lids have little spikes on them? This is to make it easier for you to get through those tiny protective foils a little bit quicker. Simply unscrew the lid, flip it over, and push it right through!

5. What are those tiny bumps that protrude out of just the 'F' and 'J' keys on a keyboard for? In 10-finger typing, these bumps are there to indicate where your index fingers are supposed to rest and they help you to find your way back to the home position on the keyboard without having to look down from the screen.

6. Ever wonder what the purpose of those little wings on an Apple power cable is? They flip up to allow you to wrap the thinner part of the cable around the wings to ensure that it doesn't unravel. A-ha!

7. For those people who don't eat them as though they're potato chips, that little indentation on the flip lid of a box of Tic Tacs is really there to use as a dispenser so that you'll only get one at a time.

8. On the bottom of padlocks there's a hole that serves a purpose that you might not be aware of. That hole makes it possible for water to drain out of the lock when it's being used outside and it can also be used to oil the lock to make it easier to use.

9. There's a little arrow right next to the gas gauge on your car's dashboard. It's there to let you know which side of the car your gas cap is on.

10. Pasta spoons have a hole in them. That hole isn't only there to strain the noodles and let the water drain out. It's also there to indicate the size of a single person's portion of spaghetti. Simply cram as many noodles as you can into the hole before you cook them and you've got the ideal portion size for one person!

11. That serrated edge on a measuring tape is there so that you can mark exactly where your measurement is. It might seem quite obvious now that you know, but lots of people don't have a clue about this feature.

12. Sometimes there's a small extra piece of fabric on a new item of clothing. This swatch is there so that you don't possibly ruin the item of clothing. The manufacturer will include this small sample of material so that you can test to see how different laundry detergents will react to  it.

13. That tab that you use to open a can of soda also serves as a straw holder so that the straw doesn't move around when you're trying to get it into your mouth.

14. The tiny hole that's on airplane windows is there to allow air to flow into the plane which regulates the pressure inside the aircraft.

15. The punt on the bottom of a bottle of wine is there as a historical remnant from the era when wine bottles were free blown using a blowpipe and pontil.

16. The extra holes on the sides of your converse aren't merely there for decoration. They're there for ventilation.

And there are those who believe that because converse were originally designed for basketball, the holes were used by looping the laces through them for a really snug fit.

Well, what do you think about these 16 features? Which ones surprised you the most?

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