To tell you the truth, I'm pretty bad at censoring myself when it comes to using foul language.

I came by it honestly enough however, listening to dear old dad, who infamously inspired my brother to drop the F-bomb even before he could manage to string full sentences together.

Not surprisingly, I'm always more prone to cussing when I'm hanging out with my older brother and it's something that we've both worked hard to rein in since his own son was born.

Sadly, history certainly does seem to be repeating itself. Fortunately, the tot hasn't had any slip-ups at daycare just yet. Perhaps if we look to the past for some inspiration, we can tone down our proclivity for profanity a bit more. 

Although these words may sound a bit silly to us now, the words and phrases below were, in their day, some of the most vulgar utterances that could come out of a person's mouth.

Take a look at the list below to find out what scandalous vocabulary used to sound like!

1. "Consarn It!"

This folksy take on the word "consternation" certainly has more appeal than a plain old "gosh dang it."

2. "Fopdoodle!"

If someone is really getting on your nerves, just try and picture the look they'll have on their face when you hurl this insult their way instead of "moron."

3. "Zounds!"

This colorful expletive originates from "God's wounds" and was used to convey complete and utter shock or excitement.

4. "Gadsbudlikins!"

This term is also religiously based, and refers to "God's little body" from way back in the 15th century.

5. "Potzblitz!"

If someone wished to swear by what they were saying, then this German word, which, when translated means "upon my soul," did the trick.

6. "Bejabbers!"

Quite similar to shouting out, "by jove!" But a whole lot sillier and therefore way more fun.

7. "Thunderation!"

This word is derived from "tarnation," so it would most likely have been used in a phrase such as, "What in thunderation?"

8. "Bedswerver!"

Writer, William Shakespeare made up this not-so-nice name for someone who's known to cheat.

9. "Sard!"

To those medieval English ancestors, this pithy remark was their version of the dreaded "F word."

10. "Arfarfan'arf!"

It may have you sounding like you're barking at someone, but this bizarre word is the way Victorian people referred to someone who was a drunkard.

11. "Muckspout!"

Strangely enough, this was a vulgar way of talking about someone who was, well, too vulgar, always speaking with a constant string of curse words.

Have we missed any crazy curse words you remember from your own past?

If so, let us know what they were in the comments below, but please no profanity and then make sure to 'SHARE' these humdingers with your friends and family on Facebook!

There certainly good for a laugh, so let's spread the smiles!