The Christmas season is here once again, and have no fear, because there's plenty of time still to cry openly during those sentimental commercials that'll run right up until the last second.

This "Lily & the Snowman" commercial by Zulu Alpha Kilo for Cineplex is just such an ad and it'll have you crying like a baby right out in public, because it's also screening in Cineplex theaters. 

In this animated commercial, a snowman, very reminiscent of Frosty, makes intricate shadow puppets for his very best friend, a little girl who keeps him alive by putting him inside of a freezer for most of the year.

I know, it sounds a bit weird, but when the little girl grows up and suddenly her sun-averse friend pops into her mind during a late night at work, that's when the emotional factor really kicks in and the sobbing can begin in earnest!

At least that's what we're judging by the YouTube comments posted by viewers. 

Why don't you take a look and let us know if they're right!

If the story line and the visuals didn't get you, I bet the music did!

The song being sung, a cover of Genesis' "Follow You, Follow Me" by Adaline, is crooned at just the right pitch for evoking sad, nostalgic and /or wistful feelings.

Well, what do you think of this touching advertisement? Sweet right?

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