Clark Little, a professional ocean photographer, stumbled upon this incredibly adorable couple while visiting Puerto Ayora and captured the heartwarming cuddle session between the two sea mammals on video for everyone to enjoy!

The two sea lions appear to be completely inseparable as they give each other kisses and cuddle up close to one another on a lawn chair in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

These two cuties have discovered that the sun beds are a lot more comfy than the dock.

The video below features the two sea lions happily snuggling up to one another on a beach lawn chair. They're both on the verge of falling asleep.

They do a little bit of squirming around, looking for just the right spot, before finally drifting off to sleep wrapped in each others flippers. 

 Lots of the sea lions in the area have figured out that they can be a whole lot more comfortable lying on the beach chairs than they are while lying on the hard dock.

Take a look at the adorable video below:

Aren't they so cute ? I love how they've wrap their flippers around each other before they fall asleep. It's hard to imagine anything much sweeter than this isn't it?

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